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Listing Package

Listing Package $299

Starting with a Seller

  • Open file in CRM with all contact information, or update with current information
  • Find out who wants to be notified for showings and how
  • Send form requesting necessary information (Lawyer, Identification)
  • Listing Paperwork (WWR, Listing Agreement, MLS Data Sheet, FINTRAC) *
  • We do not do a write up, but have people that can do that for $25/hour
  • Send to sellers for review/signature
  • Save complete File to Computer
  • Email Seller all signed documents
  • Sending Listing Paperwork to Admin (Skyslope or another program)

Getting Listing Ready to be Released

  • Brokerload listing into Realtors Board Site (Pictures must be sent in order)
  • Upload any schedules, floor plans, survey etc.…
  • Save the Draft. LA to go in, ensure they information is good and submit
  • We do not do full comments section. We will put the usuals in
  • Book Photographer, Cleaner, Stager, Sign Installer, Lockbox Installer
  • Home Inspector, Contractors and/or Floor Plans (4 suppliers at most). Additional work $25/hour

Offer (firm or conditional)

  • Review accepted offer to ensure everything is proper.
  • Save accepted offer to file
  • Confirm deposit has been received in a timely manner
  • Create Rough Trade Sheet (if Brokerage requires)
  • Send to full accepted package to admin with Rough Trade (Skyslope or another Brokerage system)
  • Update status online
  • Add conditions and closings to calendar

If Conditional (now firm)

  • Create, NOF, Amendments, Waiver
  • Send for signatures
  • Send to full accepted package to admin with Rough Trade (Skyslope or another Brokerage system)
  • Send offer to Clients and Lawyer

Closing Tasks

  • Update status online
  • Send complete firm package to Clients and Lawyer
  • Organize removal of all suppliers (signs, furniture etc.…)
  • Update Database with new information

Additional Services
Cancel and relist $25/hour
Brokerload to other boards $25/hour
CMA or TopCMA: We will find the best (up to 10) comparables – $25/hour

*Plus Applicable Taxes. 1 Hour Minimum. Prices are subject to change. The company name Red Rover is strictly for administration purposes. All services provided by any rover will be completed under their registered trade names.

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