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Buyer Package

Buyer Packages $199

Starting with a Buyer

  • In database add or update with current information
  • Send form requesting necessary information (Lawyer, Mortgage Broker, Identification, Banking information from which they are making the deposit)
  • Buyer Representation Paperwork (WWR, BRA, FINTRAC)
  • Send to buyers for review/signature
  • Save BRA to File

Offer Preparation (First one only)

  • Offer Paperwork (801, Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Confirmation of Cooperation and Representation)
  • Sign-backs

Accepted Offer

  • Save Accepted offer to file
  • Create Rough Trade Sheet (if Brokerage requires)
  • Send to full accepted package to admin with Rough Trade (Skyslope or another Brokerage system)
  • Receipt of funds (receive Receipt of Deposit and complete form)
  • Send copy to Mortgage Broker and Lawyer
  • Send copy to Buyers
  • Add conditions and closings to calendar
  • Update information in CRM

If Conditional

  • ┬áCreate Waivers, NOF or Cancellation
  • Send for review and/or signatures
  • Send to admin (Skyslope or another Brokerage system)
  • Send copy to Mortgage Broker and Lawyer

Add-on’s we can assist with:

Additional offers and signatures $25/hour

  • Map out best route for showings (Ask Realtor where to start if applicable)
  • Book in the showings in order
  • Handle COVID forms if applicable
  • Receive confirmations (Realtor forwards to rover, access to email, additional email for team that rover can monitor)
  • Send Realtor Map & Route, Broker full for all showings along with confirmations
  • Send Clients Map & Route, Client Full and COVID forms if applicable

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